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In 1999-2000, the Commission restructured its corporate services, including the planning and delivery of human resources, information technology and financial and administrative services. The corporate planning function now resides with the Office of the Executive Director. Responsibilities include monitoring and reporting on organizational performance, the implementation of organizational improvement initiatives such as the development of new technology applications in case management and the training of staff. Other functions such as Web site management, distribution and publications have been transferred to the Policy and Education Branch.

During the year, the Commission also faced the challenge of having to find additional savings as part of government-wide budget restrictions. The best solution turned out to be the implementation of new working arrangements for Commission staff in the regions through teleworking. As a result, some staff will share office space with other government ministries and others will be working from home. This has helped to keep both jobs and a presence in the regions outside of Toronto.

Commission staff also worked on developing a new Quality Assurance Program and each Branch established its own standards and identified means for managing and maintaining them. These service standards will be put into practice in the coming year.

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