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Board of inquiry decisions and settlements

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Breach of Settlement

Brad Bergman v. 474134 Ontario Limited, c.o.b. as Westwind Inn, Kristi Jensen

Ethnic Origin

Quereshi v. The Board of Education for the City of Toronto

Alfred Abouchar v. Metropolitan Toronto School Board et al.


Bob Brown v. Famous Players Inc. and Capital Square Theatre)


Michael McKinnon v. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario, Ministry of Correctional Services et al.

Sexual Harassment

Nicole Curling v. Alexander Torimiro

Sexual Orientation

James Moffatt v. Kinark Child & Family Services et al.

Ray Brillinger v. the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives and Scott Brockie and Imaging Excellence Inc.

Sexual Solicitation

Christian Bryan v. PMI Food Equipment et al.



Ephraim Stephenson v. Select Commercial Cleaning Inc.


Luise Wood, Anne McMahon, Ailene George, Teresa Bushby, Una Clennon, Joanne Van Halteren, Janice Newman and Mariol Hurlburt v. Markham Stouffville Hospital, Marilyn Bruner, Ann Kennie, Joanne MacLean

Hilton Hadaway v. Belmont Properties Inc.

Ethnic Origin

Mark Harris v. Silkwood Products

Family Status

Susan Ruddick v. Seventy-Five Scarborough Road Limited

Leah Khan, Ahmed Ali Khan v. Satya Nagpal

Maureen Callaghan and Bruce Porter v. Echo Valley Resorts Ltd.

Emma Ribic v. Three R Management Ltd. (family status)


William C. Taylor v. McFadden’s Hardwood and Hardware Ltd. And Elmer DeMerchant

Nicholas Meloche by his Litigation Guardian Theresa Kales v. Greater Essex County District School Board

Donat Dagenais v. Farmboy Market Limited, John Strano, Dave Gozzard and Andrew Burdett and OHRC

George Widomski v. Dofasco Inc.

Art Levesque v. INCO Limited, Ontario Division)

David Pritchard v.Factory Mutual System

Dimetrios Vargianitis v. Pepi’s Drive In Restaurant and Spyros Sventzouris)

Delano Brown v. Scarborough Board of Education and John Crichton

Anthony Gardiner v. Turning Point Inc. and Board of Directors for Turning Point Inc. and James R. Pettit

Eddy Rusling v. Windsor Board of Education and Greater Essex County District School Board

Terry Lynn Wannamaker v. Town Line Processing Ltd.

Estate of Doug Shaver v. Toronto East General and Orthopaedic Hospital, Inc.

David Rajotte v. The Canadian Surety Company

Terry Thompson v. Lear Seating Company and Tim Tracey

Marital Status

Janet Lynn Miller v. David Felton, Paul Beneteau, and 1138859 Ontario Inc., operating as Stonewalls Steakhouse & Bar


Neville Grant v. 700219 Ontario Inc. c.o.b. The Little Pie Shoppe, Herbert Neumann; Joseph Shkedy; Norman Wagner

Thomas Darill Jean-Pierre v. Concord Elevators Inc., John Stephens, and Jim Stephens

Lulu Hamilton-Awuah v. Municipal Bankers Corporation, Municipal Financial Leasing Corporation, Sandra Watzl, Gloria Jackson and Jeff Brown

Chan Veeren v. Metropolitan Toronto Housing Authority and Mr. Robert Ballantyne

Nicolas Calliste v. Peniche Carpentry Construction and Joaquim Martin

Alvin Jackson v.Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Jahangir Mirza v. Quebecor Litho Plus, a division of Quebecor Printing Inc., formerly Litho Plus Inc., Robert Corke, Jim Francis and Derrick Robson

Jules Greenberg v. Bobcaygeon and District Lions Club

Nalabi Morgan v. Swiss Chalet

Receipt of Public Assistance

Tammy Harling, Aline Duquette, Colleen Delage v. New Era Homes Ltd.

James Cameron v. Apollco Properties Ltd


Cheryl Todorowski v. Craig Hamill

Nancy Suchard v. Rick Wood and Canadian Owned Operated Taxi Ltd.)

Neelima Goel v.Hardev Singh

Nancy Suchard v. Merv Reynard

Garth Caron v. ServPlus Inc., c.o.b. The Housesitters Canada, David Ballet, and Cameron Dalsto

Cindy Rock v. Hound and Heather Restaurant

Sexual Harassment

Maria Da Penha Correia v.Januario Barros and Casa Abril Em Portugal

Mary Sobrocchi v. Piscelli & Faieta and Nichola Enzo Faieta

Melanie Camacho, Brenda Jane Brendia, Ashley LeRoux, and Rachel Luther v. Fairdinkum Aussie Outfitters and Henry Allon

Patricia Musty v. Meridian Magnesium Products Limited

Sexual Orientation

H.A. (Toni) Vanderwiel v. 1025091 Ontario Limited, c.o.b. as Godfather’s Pizza/Tri Group Management, Allan N. MacDonald and Sharon Baker

Divisional Court (Judicial Review)


Dennis Kennedy v. OHRC


McKenzie Forest Products Inc. v. OHRC and Adam Tilberg, Board of Inquiry (Human Rights) and Attorney General of Ontario.)

Jette Steward v. OHRC, 3M Canada Inc., CAW, Local 27 and Ministry of the Attorney General


Alicia Payne v. OHRC and Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and Mr. Okada and Metro Toronto Convention Centre, XXVIIth International Congress of Opthalmology, Canadian Ophthalmological Soceity, Intertask Group of Companies, Paul Akehurst (Sr.) and Leanne Akehurst

Mike Naraine v. OHRC and Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd., Gord Batstone, George Goyton, Andy Barr, Dobson, Bob Darogan and Mike Teigh

Anthony Weekes v. OHRC and Attorney General of Ontario

Guillaume Kibale v. OHRC

Wanxia Liao v. OHRC and University of Toronto and David Waterhouse


Colleen Pritchard v. OHRC and Sears Canada Inc.

Divisional Court (Appeal)


Khaletun Khalil v. OHRC and Ontario College of Art, Jan Van Kampen, Norman Hathaway

Wilfred Etienne v. Westinghouse of Canada Limited and OHRC

Receipt of Public Assistance
Dawn Kearney v. J.L. and Catarina Luis


Colleen Pritchard v. OHRC and Sears Canada Inc.

Court of Appeal


Nuri J. Jazairi v. OHRC, York University, Harry Arthurs, Senate Committee on Tenure and Promotion, Faculty Committee on Tenure and Promotion, Tom Traves, John C. Evans, Elie Appelbaum and Roger Lathan


Adam Tilberg v. McKenzie Forest Products Inc.


Marcia Robertson v. OHRC and Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Wanxia Liao v. OHRC and University of Toronto and David Waterhouse


Colleen Pritchard v. OHRC and Sears Canada Inc.

Supreme Court of Canada

Sexual Orientation

M v. H.

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