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Approval of high-risk technologies under the Toronto Police Services Board's Policy on the use of artificial intelligence technology

January 10, 2024

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) welcomes the Toronto Police Services Board’s (TPSB) update on its implementation of the Policy on Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology (AI Policy), as well as the inventory of technologies and the details of their use by the Toronto Police Service (TPS), which will be presented at the TPSB meeting on January 11, 2024.

Recent highlights

Tackling anti-Black racism in education

Tackling anti-Black racism in education Click to read.

Graphic with text that says Right to Read and Le Droit de lire

Right to Read inquiry report available online now! Click to read.

Graphic with text that says "OHRC inquiry into anti-Black racism by the Toronto Police Service."

OHRC makes over 100 recommendations to address anti-Black racism in the Toronto Police Service. Click to read

Human rights in Ontario

The Ontario Human Rights System is made up of three separate agencies:

  1. The Ontario Human Rights Commission (that’s us) works to promote, protect and advance human rights through research, education, targeted legal action and policy development.
  2. The Human Rights Legal Support Centre gives legal help to people who have experienced discrimination under the Code.
  3. The Human Rights Tribunal is where human rights applications are filed and decided.

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