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Right to Read executive summary now on audiobook!

In February 2022, the OHRC released its much-anticipated Right to Read inquiry report, which found that Ontario’s public education system is failing students with reading disabilities (such as dyslexia) and many others, by not using evidence-based approaches to teach them to read.

This release included a shorter executive summary, which is now available in audiobook format. The summary combines research, human rights expertise and lived experience of students, parents and educators to provide recommendations on curriculum and instruction, early screening, reading interventions, accommodation, professional assessments and systemic issues.

The audiobook is divided into 11 audio chapters, for ease of use. Each chapter has an audio player with navigation buttons to help you play, pause, increase volume, decrease volume, fast forward and rewind. The total listening time is approximately three hours.

WARNING: The Right to Read executive summary deals with topics that may trigger some listeners. It includes references to bullying, emotional and physical abuse, mental health challenges, self-harm and suicide. Please engage in self-care as you listen to this material. There are many resources available if you need additional support, including on this website under List of supports.

ISBN: 978-1-4868-5829-3 (Audiobook)




1. Introduction






2. Background





3. Inquiry findings





4. Curriculum and instruction





5. Foundation for success





6. Early screening





7. Reading interventions





8. Accommodations





9. Professional assessments





10. Systemic issues





11. Conclusion




If you would like a downloadable version, click on the Right to Read audiobook Sync folder (Download) to save the MP3 files.

Access the full transcripts for the audiobook.



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