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It is clear from the issues raised by this Paper that there is a need for further examination of human rights issues that arise in the area of rental housing. Given the importance of adequate housing to an individual’s overall quality of life and ability to participate meaningfully in society, the time to conduct this examination is now.

The feedback received through other consultations conducted by the Commission (e.g. family status and age consultations) indicates that many Ontarians are entirely unaware of their rights and responsibilities under the Code with respect to rental housing. It is, therefore, a prime objective of the Commission to establish a policy clarifying the application of the Code to this area and to increase public awareness of human rights issues that arise in the rental housing context. It is also the goal of the Commission to identify other ways in which it can assist with the goal of adequate, affordable and discrimination-free housing for all Ontarians.

All documents related to this issue are available on our Web Site at Should you have any questions, you may contact the OHRC by telephone at (416) 314-4507, or 1-800-387-9080, or by TTY at (416) 314-6526 or 1-800-308-5561.


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