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Education is just one of the many areas where the OHRC has built new partnerships in the past year. Also of note is the solid working relationship between the OHRC and the Human Rights Legal Support Centre (HRLSC). The OHRC is providing training to Legal Support Centre staff on OHRC policies, and the two groups regularly share information to identify and respond to emerging human rights issues. This collaboration is helping both organizations maximize resources and human rights benefits for all Ontarians.

As well, the OHRC worked on joint projects with municipalities across the province, including the cities of Peterborough (race relations), Windsor (housing), Vaughan (race relations) and Toronto (housing, equity and inclusion).

Partnerships are important because the OHRC cannot do this work alone. It is hard and complex, and requires many to share expertise and knowledge. We want to work with many individuals and organizations, both public and private, to build a culture of human rights.


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