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Continuing the dialogue on balancing competing rights

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A person who is blind and uses a service dog wants to take a taxi, but the taxi driver’s religious beliefs lead him to not allow dogs in his car. A marriage commissioner refuses to perform a marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple, because it would be contrary to her religious beliefs.

What do we do in cases like these, when rights related to one Code ground seem to conflict with those of another ground? The OHRC is doing some policy work to find answers.

In March 2010, the OHRC held a Policy Dialogue on Competing Human Rights Claims in partnership with the York University Centre for Public Policy and the Law. Community and advocacy groups joined academics, lawyers and policy makers to discuss what competing human rights claims look like and how they may be handled to maximize the human rights of all involved.

The Dialogue papers are being printed for distribution in the coming year. The OHRC will use the ideas generated at the Policy Dialogue to help develop policy that is consistent with case law and accepted best practices, on ways to address competing claims.


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