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Municipalities in Ontario come in all shapes and sizes. Each has different issues, different neighbourhoods and different community needs. And each has a different capacity to respond to these needs. This guide offers a variety of steps municipalities can tailor to meet their unique circumstances, while also meeting their human rights responsibilities.

About the Human Rights Code

The Ontario Human Rights Code offers protection from discrimination in five social areas:

  • Services, goods and facilities
  • Accommodation, which includes housing
  • Employment
  • Contracts
  • Membership in trade, vocational and professional associations

In the area of housing, the Code offers protection based on the following grounds:

  • race
  • ancestry
  • place of origin
  • colour
  • ethnic origin
  • citizenship
  • creed (religion)
  • sex (includes gender identity, pregnancy and breastfeeding)
  • sexual orientation
  • age (18 years or older, and in some cases 16 years or older)
  • marital status
  • family status
  • disability (includes perceived disability)
  • receipt of public assistance



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