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VII. Appendices and Other resources

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Appendix A – other OHRC publications

The Commission website ( is the most current and exhaustive source of information about the work of the Commission. All Commission publications are available on the website. This includes approved policies and guidelines, consultation documents, and plain language publications. Information can also be found on current Commission activities. Bound copies of Commission documents are available through Publications Ontario at 1-800-668-9938.

Policies and guidelines

Commission policies and guidelines are approved statements setting out the Commission’s interpretation of specific Code provisions. They are important because the public has a right to expect that the Commission will deal with cases in a way that is consistent with its published policies.

Also, the Commission’s website at contains many plain language documents relating to these policies.

Guide To Releases With Respect to Human Rights Complaints
Guidelines on Accessible Education
Guidelines for Collecting Data on Enumerated Grounds Under the Code
Guidelines on Developing Human Rights Policies and Procedures
Guidelines on Special Programs
Policy and Guidelines on Disability and the Duty to Accommodate
Policy and Guidelines on Discrimination Because of Family Status
Policy and Guidelines on Racism and Racial Discrimination
Policy on Creed and the Accommodation of Religious Observances
Policy on Discrimination Against Older Persons Because of Age
Policy on Discrimination and Harassment Because of Gender Identity
Policy on Discrimination and Harassment Because of Sexual Orientation
Policy on Discrimination and Language
Policy on Discrimination Because of Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Policy on Drug and Alcohol Testing
Policy on Employment-Related Medical Information
Policy on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Policy on Height and Weight Requirements
Policy on HIV/AIDS Related Discrimination
Policy on Requiring a Driver’s Licence as a Condition of Employment
Policy on Scholarships and Awards
Policy on Sexual Harassment & Inappropriate Gender-Related Comments and Conduct

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