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Consultation paper: Human rights and rental housing in Ontario

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Approved by the Commission: March 28, 2007
Available in various formats: electronic, audiotape, large print

The Ontario Human Rights Commission (the Commission) is soliciting your views on a range of human rights issues in rental housing.[1] The Background Paper contains a detailed discussion of these issues and provides social and legal context. It also provides some information about the matters that are of greatest concern to the Commission. This Consultation Paper focuses on the major areas on which input is being sought.

[1] The Ontario Human Rights Code protects against discrimination in a broad range of situations relating to housing. However, the Consultation and Background Papers focus on rental housing arrangements. There may be other issues of which you are aware, such as human rights issues in the purchase of property or the negotiation of mortgages, in condominium living arrangements, or in the use of shared living spaces, to name just a few, and which you may wish to bring to the attention of the Commission for future consideration.


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