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This scenario highlights the different resolutions that principled and pragmatic balancing may offer. It also illustrates the overlap of these two approaches and the wide range of balancing tools that may be employed in any given situation. The best approach appears to be one that mixes and matches these two styles of balancing. Indeed, it is crucial that these two approaches compliment and inform each other. For that reason, these approaches should not be understood as binary opposites. Rather, pragmatic and principled balancing may be located on a continuum in which most balancing occurs in the middle ground where these approaches overlap. Finally, it is always appropriate to let the context at hand dictate which balancing tools will be employed. Otherwise, we run the risk of over-stepping what is actually required to resolve a particular conflict and, in doing so, place unnecessary constraints on future balancing scenarios. The different outcomes discussed in this scenario are not simply the product of pragmatic or principled balancing, they are also markers of different philosophical understandings of equality and rights. But that is far beyond the scope of this paper.

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