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Human rights: the next generation

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On June 15, 2012, Ontarians have something important to celebrate, as we mark the 50th anniversary of Ontario’s Human Rights Code. This was the first such Code in Canada, and from the very beginning positioned Ontario to be a leader in protecting, promoting and advancing human rights.

Leading up to that historic day, and over the next half-century, the rules – and our society – have changed as issues were resolved and new issues emerged. This annual report is designed to introduce some of the key points of change, and the people who through their personal experiences or their work in the human rights system helped to advance human rights to where they are today.

But human rights continue to evolve. This annual report talks about the work in progress at the Ontario Human Rights Commission – the OHRC – and about what we are doing to continue the tradition and the contributions of so many people.

And finally, it’s designed to introduce the ideas, aspirations and leadership of young Ontarians, who are the next generation of human rights advocates, community builders, and who are our hope for the future.

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