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Appendix V: Resources for barrier-free design

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Ontario Human Rights Commission

Ontario Human Rights Code and the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Policy and Guidelines on Disability and the Duty to Accommodate

Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Ontario Building Code

Canadian Standards Association

CSA Standard B651-M95 “Barrier Free Design”, and CSA Standard B480-02 “Customer Service for People with Disabilities”

Standards Council of Canada

Ontario March of Dimes

Ontario-based consulting services list providing assistance for employers and service providers on increasing accessibility

Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association

Disability Sensitivity Awareness Training

Betty Dion Enterprises Ltd publishes Universal Design

Accessibility Audit of Select Restaurant Chains in Ontario - Prepared for the Ontario Human Rights Commission. International Best Practices Guide.


The Access Board (Federal Agency of the United States)

American Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS) under the Architectural Barriers Act Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG)

National Restaurant Association (United States)

Making Your Restaurant Accessible to Customers with Disabilities

Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Australian Advisory notes on Access to Premises

Australian Building Codes Board

Draft Disability Standards for Access to Premises, Guidelines to the Premises Standard, and proposed revisions to the Building Code of Australia

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