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Appendix B: Summary of Commission commitments

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  1. The Commission will develop a public policy statement on age discrimination in 2001/2002.
  2. The Commission will develop and implement a broad public awareness campaign that addresses ageism and age discrimination.
  3. The Commission will engage in public awareness activities to educate employers and employees about their rights and responsibilities under the Code, to dispel the myths that are often associated with older workers and to encourage employers to view older workers positively.
  4. The Commission will develop a discussion paper on housing and human rights that will address issues facing older persons.
  5. The Commission will communicate with the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Ontario Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association and other appropriate organizations to advise that unequal access to medical treatment and other health care services on the basis of age or disability may constitute discrimination.
  6. The Commission will contact and meet with professional faculties such as medicine, nursing, dentistry, nutritional sciences and social work to discuss the urgent need to include comprehensive education on age discrimination within their curricula and to ascertain their plans for including such education in their programs.
  7. The Commission will continue to take steps to promote accessibility amongst service providers throughout Ontario.
  8. The Commission will continue to monitor the outcomes of the provincial plan of the Round Table for Ontario’s Elder Abuse Strategy that are within its mandate.
  9. The Commission will develop a policy statement on elder care that identifies the related human rights issues.
  10. The Commission will consider complaints where employees, who care for aging or ailing parents, spouses or same-sex partners, face discrimination on the basis of "family status", "marital status" and "same-sex partnership status".


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