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Appendix A: Major reports relevant to racial profiling and Aboriginal peoples

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Alan Andrews, Review of Race Relations Practices of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force (for the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, 1992)

Arthur Maloney, Report to the Metropolitan Board of Commissioners of Police (for the Province of Ontario, 1975)

Canadian Heritage Multiculturalism, National Forum on Policing in a Multicultural Society: Report on Strategies, Recommendations and Best Practices (February, 2003)

Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF), Learning About Walking in Beauty: Placing Aboriginal Perspectives in Canadian Classrooms (November 2002)

Clare Lewis, The Report of the Race Relations and Policing Task Force (Ontario, April 1989)

Clare Lewis, The Report of the Race Relations and Policing Task Force (Ontario, 1992)

David Cole & Margaret Gittens, Report of the Commission on Systemic Racism in the Ontario Criminal Justice System (December 1995)

Gerald Emmett Cardinal Carter, Report to the Civic Authorities of Metropolitan Toronto and its Citizens (for the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, 1979)

Justice D. Morand, The Royal Commission into Metropolitan Toronto Police Practices (for the Province of Ontario, 1976)

Moving Forward Together: An Integrated Approach to Race Relations (Metropolitan Toronto Police, 1995)

Ontario Public Complaints Commission, The Regent Park Report (1985)

Performance Audit: The Public Complaints Process Toronto Police Service (City of Toronto Audit Services, 2002)

Policing a World Within a City: The Race Relations Initiatives of the Toronto Police Service (Toronto Police Service, January 2003)

Reva Gerstein, Policing in Ontario for the Eighties: Perceptions and Reflections: Report of the Task Force on the Racial and Ethnic Implications of Police Hiring, Training, Promotion and Career Development (for the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General, 1980)

Royal Commission Report on Aboriginal Peoples (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, October 1996)

Stephen Lewis, Report to the Premier on Racism in Ontario (Summer 1992)

Toronto Police Services Board, Ensuring Public Accountability: A Background Paper on Initiatives of the Metro Toronto Police Services Board Regarding Public Complaints Against Police Officers (for Metropolitan Legislation and Licensing Committee of the Metropolitan Council, 1992)

Toward a New Beginning – The Report and Action Plan of the Four-Level Government/African Canadian Community Working Group (1992)

Walter Pitman, Now is Not too Late (submitted to the Council of Metropolitan Toronto by Task Force on Human Relations, November 1977).

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