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The role of the Strategic Plan

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As an independent agency of government, the OHRC is entrusted by the public to provide leadership in promoting and enforcing human rights in Ontario. We are guided by the Code in all of our work. To fulfill this mandate, the OHRC will continue to provide timely and principled guidance on critical and emerging human rights issues. However, shifting systemic discrimination also requires proactive planning and long-term, sustained and focused effort. At this moment, we recognize that there are critical human rights issues to address and opportunities to seize, to make effective systemic change that will affect multiple communities and areas of social interaction.

This Strategic Plan provides the framework for 2017 – 2022. It lays out our proactive areas of focus for the coming five years. It is geared toward achieving results and creating an environment that encourages and supports a commitment to human rights accountability in our community. This Strategic Plan allows for developing, each year, a focused list of valid, necessary and measurable actions that advance the OHRC towards results. Internally, it provides the basis for more detailed operational plans to make sure that all organizational activities connect to results.

The OHRC’s statutory role will always require it to engage with the breadth of its mandate that encompasses all protected grounds and social areas under the Code. In setting out this Strategic Plan, the OHRC will not, and cannot, abandon that broad statutory mandate. The OHRC will reserve capacity to ensure that it continues to exercise its leadership voice to foster understanding of critical and emerging human rights issues, to support others by amplifying their concerns, and to educate. However, this Strategic Plan signals a shift towards planned action and a results-oriented approach. In all parts of our mandate, we will be strategic and highly focused in determining how we exercise the range of our functions and powers. Our foundational strengths, which are highlighted in this Plan, will inform how we do all of our work.

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