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Appendix D: OHRC resources

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OHRC Resources on Dress Codes, Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment, and Employment

Dress Codes

Sexual and gender-based discrimination and harassment

Human rights at work

The Human rights at work guide helps employers comply with human rights law and avoid discrimination in advertising, hiring, and all other aspects of employment. See in particular discussion on:

  • Dress codes – s. IV.7(c)(ii), and accommodation requests – s. IV.8 (e)(vi)
  • Reasonable, bona fide job requirements – s. IV.2
  • Preventing and addressing human rights issues – s. IV.1(a)

E-Learning (20-30 minutes each)

OHRC policies and related plain-language brochures

  • Policies provide more detail on employer responsibilities and employee and service user rights under the Human Rights Code.
  • Brochures provide short, plain-language summaries, useful for education, training and advocacy.
  • These resources cover topics like: creed, pregnancy and breastfeeding, disability and the duty to accommodate, race and related grounds, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, drug and alcohol testing, removing the “Canadian experience” barrier and others.

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