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Re: Coach who protested racial slur suspended until April (16/12/10)

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December 17, 2010

Letters to the Editor
Peterborough Examiner

Racial slurs and other name-calling because of one’s personal characteristics such as disability, sex or sexual orientation is wrong. The Ontario Human Rights Code makes that clear. It’s also clear that sports organizations and their governing bodies in Ontario must follow provincial human rights legislation. They should be prohibiting and not sanctioning such conduct.

Greg Walsh, coach of the house league hockey team, bravely defended his player’s right not to be the subject of racial slurs and led his team off the ice in protest. His action was admirable. But the way he is being treated by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association -- a full-season suspension -- is not. All of us, on and off the ice, should stand up and say no to racist conduct.

Yours truly,
Barbara Hall, B.A, LL.B, Ph.D (hon.)
Chief Commissioner
Ontario Human Rights Commission