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Living Rights Project adds a human face to human rights

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In February 2012, the OHRC launched the Living Rights Project, a web-based living library that puts real people into the human rights discussion. The project was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ontario’s Human Rights Code, and to be an ongoing resource for all Ontarians. Several schools, including Parkdale and Cedarbrae Collegiates in Toronto, are involved as program partners.

The OHRC is inviting all Ontario residents to submit short videos, essays, letters, poems, songs, or any other artistic work that tells a human rights story. Submissions can talk about what “Human rights in Ontario” means, or tell a personal story related to the grounds of the Code, such as age, colour, disability, sexual orientation, etc. Stories can be positive or negative – the project’s goal is to teach people about experiences over the past 50 years, as well as to look forward as the next generations learn about and advance human rights.

Ontarians of all ages and backgrounds are invited to add items to the virtual library. As well, special categories have been added to encourage school involvement – where the next generation of human rights pioneers will get their start.

The project will be launched online in Fall 2012, and will become an ongoing, regularly updated resource that will continue to tell the human rights story. Full details are available on the OHRC website.


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