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Share your human rights story!

“I never learned to swim, because my local pool didn’t allow Jews.”

“It’s reassuring to know where I am now that the subway stops are called out.”

“People think that because I have kids I will be a bad tenant.”

“I’ve sent out hundreds of resumes, with no response. I wonder if it’s because my name sounds foreign and I went to school in another country.”

“I’m very comfortable at my office, where they even give me a private space to pray.”

Do you have a human rights story to tell us?

What it is…

  • A web-based resource to add a human face to Ontario’s Human Rights Code
  • A chance to add your story to human rights history

We’re looking for…

  • Videos (maximum 3 minutes, in a format that can be posted on YouTube)
  • Short essays
  • Letters, poems
  • Songs
  • Any artistic work that’s connected to human rights

Three ways to tell the human rights story…

  1. Tell us what you think “human rights in Ontario” means
  2. Tell us your personal experience or someone else’s story related to a ground of the Human Rights Code – what it’s like to be a person with a disability, a person of a certain race or religion, an LGBTTQ person, an older person, etc.
  3. Tell us how the Human Rights Code has affected you or someone you know

If you have a story about discrimination based on...

  • age
  • ancestry
  • citizenship
  • colour
  • creed (includes religion)
  • disability (includes mental illness and perceived disability)
  • ethnic origin
  • family status
  • marital status
  • place of origin
  • sex (includes gender identity and pregnancy)
  • sexual orientation (LGBTTQ)
  • race
  • receipt of public assistance (in housing only)
  • record of offences (in employment only)…

We want to hear from you!

Who can take part?

  • All Ontario residents
  • Special categories for junior, middle and high school students

How to send your submission
Send it by email to:
Or mail it to:
Living Rights Project
Ontario Human Rights Commission
9th Floor, 180 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON
M7A 2R9

For more info…