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  1. Appendix A: Summary of recommendations for government & community action

    From: Time for action: Advancing human rights for older Ontarians

    1. THAT the five principles contained in the National Framework on Aging be integrated in policies and programs of public and private sector organizations.
    2. THAT all levels of government evaluate laws, policies and programs to ensure that they do not contain age-based assumptions and stereotypes and that they reflect the needs of older persons.
  2. Appendix A

    From: Fishing without fear: Report on the inquiry into assaults on Asian Canadian anglers

    The Hate Crimes Community Working Group Report and Initiatives in Schools

    The Hate Crimes Community Working Group Report

    The Hate Crimes Community Working Group defines hate activity as:

    Hate incidents: expressions of bias, prejudice and bigotry that are carried out by individuals, groups, organizations and states, directed against stigmatized and marginalized groups in communities, and intended to affirm and secure existing structures of domination and subordination.

  3. Appendix B: Summary of Commission commitments

    From: Time for action: Advancing human rights for older Ontarians

    1. The Commission will develop a public policy statement on age discrimination in 2001/2002.
    2. The Commission will develop and implement a broad public awareness campaign that addresses ageism and age discrimination.
    3. The Commission will engage in public awareness activities to educate employers and employees about their rights and responsibilities under the Code, to dispel the myths that are often associated with older workers and to encourage employers to view older workers positively.
  4. Roles and responsibilities

    From: The opportunity to succeed: Achieving barrier-free education for students with disabilities

    Responsibility for addressing the needs of students with disabilities is assigned to different parties including the Ministries of Education and of Training, Colleges and Universities, post-secondary institutions, schools and school boards, educators, specialized professionals, parents and students themselves. In the private education system, each individual school or post-secondary institution, as a service-provider, is responsible for accommodating students with disabilities up to the point of undue hardship.

  5. Appendix C - Asian Canadian angler inquiry commitments

    From: Fishing without fear: Follow-up report on the Inquiry into assaults on Asian Canadian anglers

    1. Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO)

    1. Are the initiatives completed? If they are longer term, are they in development?
      The initiatives are completed.
    2. Has the organization committed time, resources and money to the issue?
      AMO facilitated space at its conference to address this issue, and incorporated these issues into existing research.