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  1. Updating our understanding of creed

    From: Annual report 2012-2013 - Rights, Partners, Action!

    As Canadian society becomes increasingly diverse, there is potential for tension and conflict as creed issues play out more and more in the public sphere. Should religious organizations be allowed to have a say on the sex lives and life choices of their employees? Are veganism, ethical humanism or pacifism creeds? Can a school tell a student he or she can’t bring a same-sex partner to the prom?

  2. V. Creed accommodation and inclusive design

    From: Human rights and creed research and consultation report

    Key questions

    • What, if anything, is unique or specific to creed accommodation and its analyses?
    • What aspects of creed accommodation require further discussion and clarification?
    • How far does the duty to accommodate and inclusively design for creed beliefs and practice extend?
    • When and under what circumstances may one limit or deny creed accommodations?

    1. Context

  3. V. Identifying discrimination in rental housing

    From: Policy on human rights and rental housing

    1. Defining discrimination

    The Code provides that every person has the right to be treated equally in the area of housing without discrimination because of any of the grounds set out in the Code. The purpose of anti-discrimination laws is to prevent the violation of human dignity and freedom through the imposition of disadvantage, stereotyping, or political or social prejudice.

  4. VII. Appendices and Other resources

    From: Human Rights at Work 2008 - Third Edition

    Appendix A – other OHRC publications

    The Commission website ( is the most current and exhaustive source of information about the work of the Commission. All Commission publications are available on the website. This includes approved policies and guidelines, consultation documents, and plain language publications. Information can also be found on current Commission activities. Bound copies of Commission documents are available through Publications Ontario at 1-800-668-9938.

  5. Working together on policing and human rights

    February 24, 2011

    Windsor - A new project, aimed at preventing discrimination and racism in policing, launched today in Windsor. The Windsor Police Service, Windsor Police Services Board, Ontario Police College and Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) announced a major joint initiative to address policing and human rights issues. Police Chief Gary Smith, Board Chair Eddie Francis, Police College Acting Director Bill Stephens and Human Rights Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall made the announcement during today’s public Board meeting at Windsor Police Service headquarters.