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Racial profiling inquiry: Whats next (fact sheet)

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In order to bridge the divide between those who deny the existence of racial profiling on the one hand, and the communities who have long held that they are targets of racial profiling on the other, the Commission plans to:

  • undertake increased public education activities to raise public awareness about racial profiling
  • continue to work on its larger project on race, which includes as its goal an updated approach to racial discrimination;
  • to encourage community groups and organizations in positions of influence and authority to commit to tackling racial profiling and implementing measures to address this issue;
  • promote the Report as a useful and education tool in helping organizations in their own efforts to improve race relations;
  • encourage increased dialogue on the adverse affects of profiling, and the need for everyone to work towards eliminating this pracitce.
  • train Commission staff on issues related to racial profiling and race; and,
  • Use its mandate to hold anyone engaging in racial profiling accountable in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.