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3. The OHRC working within the human rights system

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While respecting each other’s specific roles and independence, the OHRC, the Human Rights Legal Support Centre (HRLSC) and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) share certain information and expertise to identify and respond to emerging human rights issues. This helps maximize resources and human rights benefits for all Ontarians.

The OHRC has provided training for staff at the HRLSC on OHRC policies, litigation strategies, case conferencing and OHRC initiatives, such as the Toronto Police Charter project. The HRLSC has advised the OHRC when systemic cases have arisen that could benefit from the OHRC’s advice or involvement.

The OHRC is a member of the HRTO’s external advisory group, providing advice on the HRTO’s policies and procedures. The HRTO, in some of its Orders, has required respondents to take the e-learning program “Human Rights 101” created by the OHRC.

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