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Ontario Human Rights Commission marks International Human Rights Day

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December 10, 2001

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Toronto - In recognition of International Human Rights Day, the Ontario Human Rights Commission is launching a series of brochures on human rights issues and releasing an updated version of its school package entitled, Teaching Human Rights in Ontario.

The leaflets cover human rights issues in the areas of Hiring, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Orientation, Racial Harassment, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding as well as the role of the Commission. They provide important information on basic human rights protections and what individuals can do if they feel their human rights have been violated.

"These leaflets are part of the Commission's ongoing efforts to make it easier for Ontarians to understand their rights and responsibilities under the Human Rights Code," said Chief Commissioner Keith Norton.

The Commission will also be releasing a revised edition of Teaching Human Rights in Ontario, an educational resource tool, which was first developed in 1995 for use by teachers in Ontario secondary schools. It has been used extensively by law, business and social sciences teachers in addition to being a resource for teaching students on work placements in Cooperative Education programs.

Following an evaluation conducted recently with users of the package, this version includes new case studies dealing with disability, sexual orientation and gender, which reflect some of the most current thinking and case law in these areas. In addition, many Web sites have been referenced as additional resources to be used in studying the subject of Human Rights.

"Through these helpful and practical guides, the Commission seeks to better inform Ontarians about their rights and responsibilities in order to enable them to make informed decisions about what to do, who to turn to for more information, and how to proceed with making a human rights complaint," added Chief Commissioner Norton.

Leaflets can also be downloaded from the Commission's Web site.