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Human rights and mental health project goes to Windsor

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February 11, 2011

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Following a successful session in Toronto, the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s (OHRC) consultation on human rights and mental health issues is heading to Windsor. On Thursday, February 17th, the OHRC will meet with members of the mental health community, including consumer/survivors, people with addictions, employers, and housing and service providers to talk about human rights and mental health-related issues.

The session is being held in cooperation with Legal Assistance of Windsor, Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society, Mental Health Connections and the Chatham-Kent Consumer & Family Network.

Participants will meet at the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society to talk about the types of barriers people with mental health disabilities and addictions may face when applying for work, looking for housing or trying to access services. Groups will also discuss possible solutions to these barriers and advise the OHRC on the role it can play to help create change.

“We are doing this consultation because we want to know from as many perspectives as possible, what it means to have a mental health or addiction disability in today’s world.” said Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall. “Our goal is to take what we learn today and develop a policy that will set out and advance human rights protections in this area.”

Another consultation will be held in Ottawa on March 2, 2011 before wrapping up with a session in North Bay at the end of March.

More information, including consultation surveys and the consultation paper on human rights and mental health can be found on the OHRC’s website.

Survey submissions are being accepted until the end of February 2011. Those who would like to submit additional information can make written submissions to the OHRC until the end of March 2011.

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