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Living rights - gender identity and gender expression

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People share personal experiences and the challenges they face because or their gender identity or expression, and also talk about major milestones in adding gender identity and expression to human rights laws.

A sea of change - Cheri DiNovo (video)

Being trans can be deadly - Susan Gapka (video)

Building an inclusive church - Cheri DiNovo (video)

Celebrating Toby's Act - Kyle Rae (video)

First they ignore you - Cheri DiNovo (video)

First transgender case at OHRCAndre Goh (video)

I’m a woman – that’s all you need to know - Susan Gapka (video)

Remembering Toby Dancer - Cheri DiNovo (video)

The language must be explicit - Cheri DiNovo (video)

Toronto is not ready for a transgender wedding photographer - Sophia Banks (essay)

What about washrooms? - Cheri DiNovo (video)