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Living rights and social areas

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Watch people sharing their experiences and approaches to human rights in areas like housing, employment, education and policing.


Barriers to housing - John Fraser (video)

In search of human rights in housing - Alan Borovoy (video)

Mental illness and housing - John Fraser (video)

There are resources to help - John Fraser (video)

We need to educate about housing - John Fraser (video)

When housing was within her graspJohn Fraser (video)

You can't live in Canada without housing John Fraser (video)


Female, Chinese, challenging police - Susan Eng (video)

No champagne moments - look for the small wins - Andre Goh (video)

On human rights and police - Alan Borovoy (video)

Ongoing police projects advance human rightsAndre Goh (video)

Toronto police - small wins but we've come a long way Andre Goh (video)


Blending systemic change and personal empowerment - Wendy Cukier (video)

It's not how you feel, but how you behave - Alan Borovoy (video)

Make sure unspoken rules are not barriers - Wendy Cukier (video)

Make Wendy do it, she’ll do anything - Wendy Cukier (video)

No equity, no merit - Wendy Cukier (video)

There's a business case for human rights - Wendy Cukier (video)