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Living rights and sex

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Watch personal stories about people facing discrimination because of their sex, including topics like sexism in the workplace and sexual harassment.

Female, Chinese, challenging police - Susan Eng (video) 

How I started looking at human rights - Wendy Cukier (video)

I was their first woman minister - Cheri DiNovo (video)

Make Wendy do it, she’ll do anything - Wendy Cukier (video)

My life as a woman in Canada by Dr. Barbara Landau (essay)

Serial sexual harassment - Wendy Cukier (video)

Sexual harassment was not in our vocabulary - Wendy Cukier (video)

Targeted because they were women - Wendy Cukier (video)

Women’s rights before, during, and after WWI in Canada by Tenzin Sungrab (essay)

Women’s rights during WWI in Canada by Tenzin Sungrab (essay)