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Living rights and disability

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People talk about their personal experience with disability, and also some of the historical milestones for human rights and disability in Ontario.

Accessible website – not really - David Baker (video)

Adding disability caused controversy - David Baker (video)

Bringing disability groups together - David Baker (video)

Building bridges at ARCH - David Baker (video)

Don't intrude on someone's disability - David Baker (video)

Effective enforcement is missing - David Baker (video)

Facing exclusion, barriers every day - David Baker (video)

Ghosts of our nation by Mercedes Shepherd (poem)

Giving Justin the right to decide - David Baker (video)

I Am Who I Am by Shay States (poem)

I am a service dog but too short by Rosina Kamis (poem and painting)

Live human rights yourself - David Baker (video)

Mental illness and housing - John Fraser (video)

My father was a Holocaust survivor - Wendy Cukier (video)

My mental illness doesn't define me - Kayla Logan (essay)

Rights for blind Ontarians - We have come a long way by James W. Sanders, C.M. (essay)

Starting with adverse effect cases - David Baker (video)

Systemic barriers - 3 things can happen - David Baker (video)

Taking mental health law behind locked doors - David Baker (video)

There's nothing equal - David Baker (video)

Toronto police - small wins but we've come a long way - Andre Goh (video)