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MULTIPLE CHOICE: 1. Accommodating is key to human rights. It’s about: a. Making individual arrangements so people can do their jobs, access services and buildings, and enjoy housing, equally. b. Not denying people jobs, services or housing in the first place, if they can be accommodated without causing undue hardship c. Situations that involve needs linked to disability, beliefs and practices related to a person’s creed or religion, family responsibilities, or gender. 2. The 3 principles of accommodation: a. Design to include everyone b. Consult only with experts c. Remove barriers d. Respect dignity e. Adjust policies The three principles of accommodation are to design society inclusively, to remove barriers and to accommodate any remaining individual needs in a way that most respects dignity 3. The duty to accommodate is: a. A legal duty required under the Code. It’s the law. b. In employment, it means adjusting working conditions so that people who are identified by Code grounds can continue working. c. In housing, It means that people have a right to live where they want. d. In services, it means making sure clients are well served. 4. TRUE or FALSE. The duty to accommodate applies to unions. 5. TRUE or FALSE. Accommodating is the responsibility of the person who needs it.

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