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Prelearning quiz – How much do you know about the Duty to Accommodate?

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QUESTIONS: 1. True or False: I only have to accommodate when someone asks for it. 2. True or False: All I have to do is set out my accommodation needs. The process is up to the accommodation-provider. 3. True or False: Accommodation is about meeting needs on a one-time basis. 4. True or False: There’s no set formula for accommodation. 5. True or False: My employer accommodates my needs, but some people in the factory see it is favouritism. Other people’s views can’t influence the accommodation process. ANSWERS: 1. False. Employers, service providers and housing providers have to be proactive. For example, they may have a policy or requirement that has unfair effects for persons under the Code, which needs to be assessed and adjusted. 2. False. The person asking for accommodation and the person providing accommodation have to work together. 3. False. Accommodation is a process, and there’s a range of what’s possible. It’s not a one-time event or an all-or-nothing approach. 4. True. Individual needs must be considered. Some accommodations work for one person but not for others. Remember, there is no set formula. 5. True. Once again, accommodation is about meeting individual needs. Accommodation is not about what other people’s opinions or what they prefer.

What do you already know about the “Duty to Accommodate”? (Quizzes are optional.)

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