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After the Preamble comes Part 1. Many people don’t know that the Code only protects them in specific situations. Part 1 is the section of the Code that ensures all Ontarians the right to enjoy freedom from discrimination in 5 specific areas, called “social areas,” and on specific grounds of discrimination.

PART 1 of the Code ensures that Ontarians enjoy freedom from discrimination in 5 areas, called ''social areas'':

  • Services, goods and facilities
  • Housing accommodation
  • Contracts
  • Employment
  • Vocational Associations

Services may include:

  • Stores, restaurants and bars;
  • Hospitals and health services;
  • Schools, universities and colleges;
  • Public places and their facilities, such as community centres, public washrooms, libraries, malls and parks;
  • Municipal and provincial government services and programs such as social assistance and benefits, and public transit.
  • Services provided by insurance companies;
  • Classified ads in a newspaper.

You have a right to be free from discrimination when you receive goods or services, or use facilities.

Accommodation may include:

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Renting
  • Evictions

You have the right to equal treatment when buying, selling, renting or being evicted from an apartment, house, condominium, commercial office or a hotel. This includes being able to enter the building such as the doors, using he swimming pools or the laundry room. A landlord cannot refuse to rent to a tenant who is on public assistance, family benefits or a disability pension.


A contract is a legal agreement. It can be in writing or verbal. Everyone has a right to enter a contract on equal terms.


''Employment'' is interpreted broadly and covers everything from hiring to firing. It can include training, promotions and dismissal, overtime, holidays, sick benefits, discipline and performance evaluations. The Code can apply to employees and after hours work and when employees are not at their workplace.

Vocational Associations

Everyone has a right to join and to be treated equally in a union, professional association or other vocational association.

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