Living rights - race and related grounds

Hear people talk candidly about issues like racial profiling, racism, discrimination in housing, employment and services, and about their experiences as newcomers in Ontario.

An open letter from one 16 year old to another - Elizangela Kamalando (essay)

A job, a home but not to you - Jean Augustine (video)

A look back at anti-Semitism - Alan Borovoy (video)

Aboriginal issues in 1965 – you’ve got to come to Kenora - Alan Borovoy (video)

Assaulting Asian Canadian anglers - Susan Eng (video)

Barriers to housing - John Fraser (video)

Bridging differences to speak with one voice - Andre Goh (video)

Building the Asian LGBT community - Andre Goh (video)

Canadian experience - rejection is personal - Ratna Omidvar (video)

Early days at the OHRC - Alan Borovoy (video)

Female, Chinese, challenging police - Susan Eng (video)

First black woman in parliament - Jean Augustine (video)

First transgender case at OHRC - Andre Goh (video)

Immigrant, different race, gay-three strikes against me - Andre Goh (video)

It's not how you feel, but how you behaveAlan Borovoy (video)

It's not easy to be gay and Asian - Andre Goh (video)

I was the immigrant - Andre Goh (video)

Make sure unspoken rules are not barriers - Wendy Cukier (video)

Make Wendy do it, she’ll do anything - Wendy Cukier (video)

Micro actions lead to major changes - Andre Goh (video)

My father was a Holocaust survivor - Wendy Cukier (video)

No champagne moments - look for the small wins - Andre Goh (video)

No room for your coloured maid - Alan Borovoy (video)

On human rights and police - Alan Borovoy (video)

Ongoing police projects advance human rights - Andre Goh (video)

Paving the way for a better life by Linda V. Carter (essay and photo)

Racism by Sujeththan Ravichandran (essay)

Racism in North America, then and now by Amanda Nguyen (essay)

Racism in the workplace, with police - Patrick Case (video)

Racial profiling a fact of life - Delorean Klien (video)

Stop Racial Profiling - Ruth Goba (video)

The black history disconnect - Delorean Klien (video)

The Komagata Maru incident as a violation of human rights by Kevin Nguyen (essay)

The W5 Legacy by Cheuk Kwan (essay)

They thought I behaved badly - Patrick Case (video)

Where did black history go? - Delorean Klien (video)

We need to hear about black heroes  - Delorean Klien (video)

White is good, black is bad  - Delorean Klien (video)

Working together to cope with AIDS - Andre Goh (video)

You want too much - Zanana Akande (video)

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