Living rights history

Join human rights trailblazers for a look back at important moments in Ontario’s human rights history.

A job a home but not to you - Jean Augustine (video)

A look back at anti-SemitismAlan Borovoy (video)

A Message from the Chief of Police, York Region Police by Eric Jolliffe (letter)

A time before human rights  - Jean Augustine (video)

A very active activist agenda - Kyle Rae (video)

Aboriginal issues in 1965 – you’ve got to come to Kenora - Alan Borovoy (video)

Adding disability caused controversy - David Baker (video)

Behind the scenes, but I was there - Jean Augustine (video)

Bringing disability groups togetherDavid Baker (video)

Building bridges at ARCHDavid Baker (video)

Building employment equity in education - Patrick case (video)

Canadian Human Rights Act by Nicolas Karan (essay)

Celebrating 50 years of rights by Hon. Jean Augustine (excerpts from a speech)

Celebrating Toby's Act - Kyle Rae (video)

Collecting data shows gaps - Patrick Case (video)

Collecting good data starts with communication - Patrick Case (video)

Don't intrude on someone's disability - David Baker (video)

Early days at the OHRC - Alan Borovoy (video)

Female, Chinese, challenging police - Susan Eng (video) 

First transgender case at OHRCAndre Goh (video)

Giving Justin the right to decide - David Baker (video)

How I started looking at human rights Wendy Cukier (video) 

In search of human rights in housingAlan Borovoy (video)

It's not how you feel, but how you behaveAlan Borovoy (video) 

Legislation has to go through changes - Jean Augustine (video)

Let's enhance human rights thinking - Patrick Case (video)

Mathieu Da Costa - Delorean Klien (video)

Multicultural - this is who we are Jean Augustine (video)

More time for the big issues - Patrick Case (video)

No room for your coloured maid - Alan Borovoy (video)

Ontario Human Rights Code at 50: Still the One? Faisal Bhaba (video)

On the 50th anniversary of the Ontario Human Rights Code: 1962-2012 - A. Alan Borovoy (essay)

Racism today is more subtleJean Augustine (video)

Serial sexual harassment - Wendy Cukier (video) 

Sexual harassment was not in our vocabularyWendy Cukier (video) 

Small actions lead to big results Wendy Cukier (video) 

Targeted because they were women Wendy Cukier (video) 

The 80's - anxiety and anger - Kyle Rae (video)

The black history disconnect Delorean Klien (video)

The first black woman in parliament Jean Augustine (video)

The first legalized gay marriage - Cheri DiNovo (video)

The HRLSC is the new baby on the block - Patrick Case (video)

The process was hard, but it worked - Patrick Case (video)

We Demand - Cheri DiNovo (video)

We're all slaves until each of us is freeJean Augustine (video)

When you win, the feeling is amazing - Patrick Case (video)

Who's teaching it? - Patrick Case (video)

Work in Ontario spurred federal changeKyle Rae (video)

You want too much - Zanana Akande (video)

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