Quiz for Part 4

1. True or False:
Except for small organizations, AODA standards require that employers have a written process to document an employee’s accommodation needs in an individual accommodation plan.

True. This important step helps ensure that all the necessary people are involved, the right steps are taken and the best possible solutions are considered and put in place.

2. How can an organization avoid potential human rights complaints and litigation?
a)    By understanding and applying human rights principles.
b)    By hiring a good lawyer.
c)    By offering a friendly work environment for all staff.

The correct answer is (a) By understanding and applying human rights principles.

3. Which of the following are human rights principles that organizations should follow when implementing the AODA standards?

a)    Design inclusively – make choices that work for as many people as possible
b)    Involve those who need accommodation in exploring solutions
c)    Favour integration over segregation
d)    a & b
e)    All of the above

The correct answer is (e) All of the above.