Educating everywhere

Over the past year, the Chief Commissioner has travelled to many parts of Ontario and made presentations to a wide variety of audiences, such as:

  • Canadian Safe School Network
  • Registered Nurses Association of Ontario
  • Down Syndrome Association of Peterborough
  • Ontario Multi-Faith Council
  • Town and Gown Association of Ontario
  • Recreation Able Forum, Thunder Bay.

At the same time, Commission staff delivered extensive training on such issues as anti-racism and discrimination, the Human Rights Code, human rights and housing, and creed issues.

Training was also an important part of our internal activities. For example, in May 2009 we partnered with community members to design and deliver 1 ½ days of training to all OHRC staff and Commissioners on understanding sexual orientation and gender identity. Also, staff volunteered with the OPS (Ontario Public Service) Pride Network to deliver its “Let’s Start With Words” training on appropriate LGBT terminology and workplace issues, and contributed to develop its new Positive Space program.