Using technology to teach

To meet the challenge of communicating with audiences across Ontario in a consistent, affordable way, the OHRC is creating new electronic tools for people to both learn about human rights and share what they have learned. The centre piece of this work is the OHRC website,

The site offers a wealth of information on human rights in Ontario, includes regular updates on the work of the OHRC, and offers options for people to sign on as partners in advancing human rights.

For example, newly revised posters about the Ontario Human Rights Code – also known as “Code cards” – are now available for download. Employers and organizations are invited to print and post them to let clients, co-workers and volunteers know that their organization supports human rights for all Ontarians.

Another example is an invitation to download three posters that direct people to the OHRC’s website, which contains critical information on human rights in housing that tenants, housing providers and landlords need to know.

Next up is “Human Rights 101,” the first in a series of e-learning modules offering a plain-language introduction to the Ontario Human Rights Code and to the human rights system in Ontario. Developed in partnership with students from New Media Studies at the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus, this module is scheduled for launch in late spring 2010. The next module in the series, human rights and housing, will be launched later in 2010.