Corporate initiatives

On October 31, 2001, Andrea Broadley was appointed Executive Director of the Commission. 

The Office of the Executive Director is responsible for directing the business operations of the Commission and acts as the administrative link with the Government through the Ministry of Citizenship’s Deputy Minister’s Office.  One of its key functions is to set the strategic direction of the Commission through the development of long-term goals, annual business plans, approval of budgets and staff objectives.

The strategic planning exercise conducted in the fall of 2000 resulted in the implementation of various initiatives to enhance the services that the Commission provides. In this regard, the Commission implemented the Enhanced Integration Protocol whose primary purpose is to improve the investigative process by making effective use of the skill sets of all areas of the Commission. The Protocol calls for increased professional support from the legal and policy branches for investigations throughout the course of a complaint with the objective of continuing to improve the quality and timeliness in case management.