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Accountability framework 2005-2006

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Commitments 2005-2006

Achievements 2005-2006

Commitments 2006-2007


The "call abandoned rate" for Inquiries will be less than 25%

The "call abandoned rate" was 23%

The "call abandoned rate" will be less than 25%

Mediation Services will achieve a settlement rate of at least 72%   

A settlement rate of 71% was achieved   

Mediation Services will achieve a settlement rate of at least 70%

The average age of case inventory will be less than 12 months        

The average age was 12.9 months on March 31, 2006 

The average age will be less than 14 months


Develop a public awareness campaign         

Worked with Toronto Police Services and Seneca College marketing program in the development of an awareness campaign on elder abuse and ageism

Partner with Seneca College marketing program to develop a Human Rights Awareness campaign


In partnership, launch an Ontario version of the UNESCO program calling for a Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism in Canada

A call to Ontario municipalities to join the Coalition began; City of Windsor made a formal declaration; focus groups with stakeholders were held and promotional materials are being developed; participated on UNESCO Canada’s national AGM panel

Release promotional materials and continue to cooperate with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO to launch a nation-wide Coalition


Expand community partnerships to support OHRC Aboriginal Human Rights program by:

  • Releasing new brochure in multiple languages targeted to Aboriginal communities
  • Promoting human rights awareness through Aboriginal media

Worked with the Union of Ontario Indians in the publishing and distribution of a new brochure in multiple languages

Published an article in the June edition of the Anishinabek News and attended the Canadian Aboriginal Festival

Developed public education linkages with the Chiefs of Ontario

Continue outreach to Aboriginal community organizations; attend relevant conferences; target Aboriginal media; involve Aboriginal community stakeholders in Commission consultations and events


Develop and launch new OHRC Web site, including the procurement and selection of a new site host

Completed development of new OHRC Web site and secured a new site host                


Launch new OHRC Web site

In partnership, develop new model for next editions of OHRC publications Human Rights at Work and Human Rights Policy in Ontario

Explored options for ongoing involvement of HRPAO as a partner in publishing, along with a third-party

Publish next version of OHRC Human Rights Policy in Ontario


Achieve a satisfaction rate of 80%+ among participants at public education events                       

Met and exceeded satisfaction rate of 80%+

Maintain satisfaction rate of 80%+


Review the Commission's public education strategy

Examined Commission's public education role in the context of the Commission's review of Ontario's human rights system

Develop a more proactive approach to public education


Release a Discussion Paper on discrimination because of family status, followed by targeted consultations

Released Human Rights and the Family in Ontario and completed public consultations toward development of a policy

Release both a Consultation Report and a Policy


Release Policy and Guidelines on Racism and Racial Discrimination

Released the Policy and Guidelines on Racism and Racial Discrimination

Continue to promote the new policy through public education and partnership initatives


Released updated Policy on Discrimination & Harassment Because of Sexual Orientation

Initiate a consultation process on housing issues

Intervene in leading appeal court cases involving important human rights issues     

Intervened in 2 cases before the Supreme Court of Canada

  • Multani v. Commission Scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys
  • Tranchemontagne and Werbeski v. Director of the Ontario Disability Support Program of the Ministry of Community Family and Children’s Services and Social Benefits Tribunal

Intervene in leading appeal court cases involving important human rights issues



Support Government in reforming Ontario's human rights system in accordance with internationally accepted principles         

  • Released Discussion Paper, Reviewing Ontario's Human Rights System
  • Completed a public consultation on the matter
  • Released a Consultation Report, Strengthening Ontario's Human Rights System: What We Heard

Contribute to reform process to improve and strengthen promotion, advancement and enforcement of human rights in OntarioReview and comment on any draft legislationParticipate in any public consultation or hearingsPlay a key role in any transition and implementation planning to ensure users of the system continue to receive fair, quick and effective consideration of their matters, and that the wealth of knowledge and experience in the system not be lost


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